Our company culture

At Novugen, our strength comes from diversity, empowerment and equality - together we challenge ourselves and each other for the betterment of others:

We believe in diversity

Our internationally-acclaimed team

Represents cultures and nationalities from all over the world.

Possesses both depth and breadth of expertise across every aspect of the business.

We believe in empowerment

Skills training, coaching and mentoring

Leadership nurturing

Learning and development opportunities

We believe in equality

Collaborative workplace with fairness and equality

Work/life balance

Mutual respect and dignity at work for all

We believe in challenging ourselves

Unconventional thinking, innovation and creativity

Open collaboration inclusiveness and straight talk

Embracing change

Benefits and facilities

Comprehensive health coverage

Local transport

Spacious company cafeteria serving three-course meals

Frequent team building activities and sport events offsite

On-site library, recreation room and pantries


Recognition of our employees’ strengths, skills and talents

Investment in our employees as future leaders

Nurturing our staff to ensure growth

Culture of teamwork and mutual success