Leveraging the breadth and depth of our expertise, an integrated value chain and our intimate understanding of the complexities of the global marketplace, Novugen is positioned for expansion into high barrier markets. Envisioning a strong marketing & sales presence in the ASEAN, MENA and CIS regions, as well as agreements with top regional distributors, we aim to become a key global player in generic pharmaceuticals.


Comprehensive vertical integration enables Novugen to optimize efficiencies and maximize cost competencies. We encourage open collaboration to facilitate proactive scientific innovation and to streamline development. Our integration philosophy extends into patent filing, manufacturing, quality control, distribution and even marketing. Every aspect of the company plays a critical role in the value chain.

Developing our products in close consultation with Ministries of Health and regulatory bodies ensures that we satisfy all country-by-country regulatory practices and mandatory compliances, and pave the way for speedier approvals.


We work closely with physicians and health experts around the world to capture and respond to the specific needs of patients in each unique market. We identify and select molecules based on extensive research of clinical studies and forecasts to accelerate the launch of pharmaceuticals that lack robust generic alternatives due to their complexity. Novugen’s focus is to bring niche, technology-intensive, hard-to-source products to market rapidly so that we can deliver high quality, affordable therapies to the people who need them most.