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Our Journey


Located in the heart of ASEAN, our API R&D centre was completed in 2015, becoming the FIRST vertically integrated R&D centre in the region to develop API & Finished Products.


We have completed our R&D centre for general pharmaceutical Finished Products in 2016.


Our FIRST high-containment research centre for oncology was then completed in 2017.


As part of the company's long-term vision to expand our global presence, Novugen has acquired a manufacturing facility in Uzbekistan. This sets our footprint and broaden our product reach in the CIS region.


Novugen's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for general pharmaceutical Finished Products received GMP accreditation from Malaysia National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Authority (NPRA) in August, 2020.


Novugen Oncology Finished Products manufacturing facility received GMP accreditation from Malaysia NPRA in December 2021. This made us the FIRST to have fully-automated, high-containment (OEB5) Finished Products manufacturing facility in Southeast Asia.


In September 2021, Novugen had set up the company's first legal entity in the U.S. The commercial office, Novugen Pharma (USA) LLC, is based in Princeton, New Jersey.


We have launched 2 products in Malaysia market and 1 product in the U.S.


Oncogen Pakistan manufacturing facility commenced its operations.


Novugen Pharma became the first pharmaceutical company in Malaysia and the only in Southeast Asia with manufacturing facility which is USFDA approved.


Novugen's products are Halal certified by JAKIM, produced in Novugen Pharma manufacturing facility which is officially Halal compliant.


Novugen received USFDA Approval for Novugen Oncology manufacturing facility focusing on high potent oncology drugs.